Two-dozen Douglas Republicans attend convention in Mesquite

by Donna Baushke

Special to The R-C

Twenty-three delegates from Douglas County attended the Nevada State Convention held in Mesquite on May 20-21. Several of the delegates actively participated in one or more of the committees, including bylaws, platform and resolutions. The camaraderie and lasting friendships built by attending the event, sitting on a committee, or just helping out administratively with the event will not soon be forgotten.

The Mesquite State Convention was the first Gardnerville resident Sally Wiley had ever attended.

She said "being a part of the State Republican Convention was one of the best things (politically wise) I have been able to participate in. The enthusiasm and hard work of the delegates was amazing. To actually be a part of the whole process, from county to state level is an experience that anyone interested in politics should consider doing. I recommend that any person who does not feel they have a say in who is elected should get involved and see how much they can do to make their voice heard."

According to Gardnerville residents Bob and Jerri Bolinger, the pre-convention work done by the various committees was outstanding and the convention was conducted in an efficient and business-like manner that allowed time for discussions and different points of view. The exchange of ideas and opinions on a person to person basis was both valuable and informative.

Maren Young, a Gardnerville resident and co-chair of the resolutions committee, indicated she felt that each delegate should get involved by actually participating as a member of a committee or in some other way joining in by administratively helping out during the convention. For her husband Dick, it was his first convention.

"I was very proud to see the turnout from Douglas County, given the location of the convention itself," said Robin Reedy, Douglas County Republican Central Committee Chair. "We were well represented and offered all kinds of volunteers to make a very well run and enjoyable convention. All look forward to a busy and successful campaign season."


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