Man accused of racing stolen new truck

A 23-year-old man was arrested May 20 accused of felony drunk driving and stealing the 2006 truck he was caught racing through Dresslerville.

Ruben Aguilar Jr. was in Douglas County Jail on $43,170 bail charged with grand larceny, driving under the influence with three priors, reckless driving, eluding an officer, resisting an officer, speeding and driving with an open container.

According to reports, Aguilar was observed driving 65 mph in a 15-mph zone on the reservation at 11:50 p.m. on May 19.

He was chased four blocks and ordered out of the vehicle. He ran from the officer, but eventually complied with an order to lie down.

He was described as combative and making death threats to the arresting officers.

The grand larceny charge was added Monday when it was determined the vehicle Aguilar was driving was reported stolen from Northern Pipeline where he was a former employee.

The driving under the influence charge was raised to a felony because Aguilar has a prior felony DUI conviction and served time at Nevada State Prison. He is set to appear in East Fork Justice Court today.

n A Gardnerville resident reported fraudulent use of a credit card, tracing nearly $600 in unauthorized expenditures to a pornography site reportedly accessed by a 22-year-old University of Illinois student.

The victim said the expenditures were made May 16-17.

The victim contacted the Web sites and was given the name of the person who accessed the pornography site through the credit card.

An Internet search of the name identified the alleged perpetrator as a general engineering student at the University of Illinois set to graduate this spring.


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