Firefighters, medics recognized

Firefighters and medics of the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts were recognized May 6 at their Eighth Annual Appreciation and Awards Banquet in Gardnerville.

Nominations for firefighter of the year and medic of the year were made by fellow firefighters and medics and were based upon the nominees' contributions to the district, expertise in the job, integrity, honor, professionalism and enthusiasm.

2005 Firefighter of the Year

The 2005 Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Jason Inman of the Gardnerville Ranchos Volunteer Fire Department, for his outstanding service and commitment to the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts and the Carson Valley. Inman has served in many capacities since he joined the department in 1994 as a cadet firefighter. He holds certificates for firefighters I, instructor I, truck certification, EMT basic, and is currently the training captain for the Ranchos VFD.

Runner Up 2005 Firefighter

of the Year

Runner up for Firefighter of the Year was presented to Jim Gesselman with the Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department.

2005 Medic of the Year

The 2005 Medic of the Year Award was presented to career firefighter/paramedic David Alexander. Alexander has been an employee with the districts since 2004, and has responded to many medical emergencies, but one stood out in particular when he made the difference between life and death for a choking victim.

After traditional methods were attempted by others and failed, Alexander arrived on scene and was able to physically remove the obstruction, saving the victim. The victim was later released from the hospital. In addition to his role as a firefighter/paramedic, Alexander continues to instruct other firefighters and EMTs.

Runner Up 2005

Medic of the Year

The award for runner-up for medic of the year was presented to Ronna Hubbard of the Topaz Ranch Estates Volunteer Fire Department. Honorable mentions went to Joe Turek with the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department and Ranchos Fire Department Volunteer Chief Bob Spellberg.

Other awards presented:

Genoa VFD Safest Station

Fish Springs VFD Cleanest Station

Leroy Clement 25 years of service

Sheila Clement 25 years of service

Bert McKee 25 years of service

Henry Dreyer 25 years of service

Matt Cox Excellence in Communication


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