Indian students recognized with awards program

The Washoe Tribe Education department honored Indian youth for school success at the Indian Student Award program at Meneley Elementary School on May 24.

Sherry Smokey, education director for the Washoe Tribe, said Indian students are recognized for school successes of academic excellence and excellent attendance. All students receive a certificate of outstanding effort.

"It goes a long way to promote the value of education," said Smokey. "We do this every year so families know how important education is. The program is a real visual way to do this."

Elementary and some middle school students, parents and teachers attended the program featuring student poetry readings and music by Tammy Owens' sixth-grade drum class.

Awards of outstanding effort were given by teachers who noted students' achievements. Students with a 3.0 grade point average or better received certificates of academic excellence, coupons for McDonald's and passes to the Carson Valley Swim Center.

Pau-Wa-Lu seventh-grader Samantha Dressler holds a 4.0 grade point average.

Students who had four or fewer absences during the school year earned excellent attendance certificates and a pizza and root beer float party.

"The teachers read strengths and the recognition they give boosts self-esteem," said Cheryl Villanueva, instructing aide for the Washoe Tribe. "It gives students something to look forward to for years to come."

Besides an award for outstanding effort, third-grader Taylor Frank had certificates for good attendance and good grades. Taylor's mother Christine Frank said her daughter likes school.

"She doesn't miss a day," said Christine Frank. "Math and reading are her favorite subjects."

Taylor, 9, said she was going to spend the summer using the swim pass she earned.

"I'm going swimming a lot but I'll wonder when school's going to start again," said Taylor.

Indian Student Awards:

Talen Christensen Pre-K

Joshua Shaw Pre-K

Xante Smokey Kindergarten

Quinten Taylor Kindergarten

Lance Nevers 1st grade

Aiyana Pitts 1st

Hunter Simpson 1st

Tahomah Smokey 1st

Anaisa Contreras 2nd

Darnell George 2nd

Glenn Jim 2nd

Tyeesa Jim 2nd

Kinan Contreras 3rd

Melanie Crutcher 3rd

Taylor Frank 3rd Academic/Attendance

Dannon James 3rd Academic

Tierney Kizer 3rd Academic

Cody Lock-Mitchell 3rd Academic/Attendance

Ty Martinez 3rd

Mason Olsen 3rd

Kasandra Rodriguez-Ramirez 3rd Academic

Onie Sam 3rd

Kali Sargent 3rd Academic

Linnea Shaw 3rd

Luke Simpson 3rd

Teena-Marie Simpson 3rd Academic

Cierra Skenandore 3rd

Austin Tilden 3rd Academic/Attendance

Hale Fillmore 4th Academic

Jessie Jim 4th

Marissa John 4th Academic/Attendance

Michaela Kizer 4th

Tori Christensen 5th Academic

Hunter Cruz 5th Academic

Benjamin Delgado 5th Academic

Brent John 5th

Shabrielle Mayer 5th

Irene Sosa 5th

Darick Zieroth 5th

Everett Aguilar 6th

Raul Castaneda 6th

Vanessa Contreras 6th

Cheyenne Duplan 6th

Hunter Fillmore 6th Academic

Marlena Martin 6th

Garrett Moore 6th Attendance

Dalton Moore 6th Academic/Attendance

Raymond Nevers 6th

Samantha Dressler 7th 4.0 GPA

Stormy Kizer 7th

Dana Christensen 8th

Stan Runningwolf 8th

Brittany Wyatt 8th


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