It wasn't your everyday gift

I hope all mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day.

What did you get for Mother's Day? Did you get the "normal" flowers and a card? My mother-in-law did. My mom got a bread machine. The one she has quit making fluffy bread a year ago. We both kept blaming it on the altitude and/or the yeast.

A few days before Mother's Day my husband asked what I would like. I normally get the flowers or a bracelet. I told him that I would really like a framing nailer, but I don't need it for another month when I start to build my daughter a playhouse.

Saturday morning my daughter woke up early and sneaked into our room to talk her dad into helping her make breakfast for me before I woke up. Thanks Mrs. Tollman for giving such good suggestions to the kindergartners. My daughter knew she couldn't surprise me on Sunday as we would be getting up early for church and having breakfast out afterwards. I was awakened with iced tea and scrambled eggs with cheese on top. She knows me well. It was the most delicious, since it was made by a 6-year-old. There were only a little bit of egg shells that got in it. It was much better than oatmeal.

Sunday morning came like most Sundays, get up early and hurry to get ready for church. We ate our breakfast out like usual. Then we went over to my mom's house, where even though we are moms, we did the cooking. Barbecued hamburgers, potato salad, homemade strawberry rhubarb pie (rhubarb out of the garden) and homemade ice cream. When we arrived home there was a big box in the living room, too big for a framing nailer. I was puzzled. As I began to open the box I was really shocked. It was a new "Wellworth Highline Elongated Toilet." It has a 16-inch bowl height and it says the siphon jet has the most powerful gravity flush. Now, who has ever received a toilet for a Mother's Day present?

n PiƱon Hills Elementary School: Get ready! The ninth annual Ice Cream Social is this Friday, May 19 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Besides wonderful ice cream, there will be games, raffles and fancy baskets filled with items with different themes. Please come support our school. Everyone is invited to attend.

n Johnson Lane Fire Department: It's time for the annual pancake breakfast on Sunday, June 18 from 8 a.m. to noon. Support our local fire department. Maybe you'll want to volunteer? They will have a huge raffle and a silent auction.

n Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.


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