'The Odd Couple' returns this weekend

Behind the scene look at Carson Valley Community Theatre


As vice president of the Carson Valley Community Theatre I would like to inform everyone just how very proud I was of our cast and crew the weekend of April 30. They put on a truly high quality show without a hitch. Please let me go into details about the show that was performed that Sunday.

First, it is very rare for a small community theater to do a "one nighter." In fact that's exactly what we did, and in such a professional manner. I was very pleased to see how the job was done and without one hitch.

The chain of events follows:

n On Friday night we performed a terrific opening night show.

n On Saturday, April 29 at approximately 8 a.m. the crew went in and took down the set, packed it up and moved it to another location. This move was necessary because another event was booked into the CVIC Hall on Saturday.

n On Sunday at approximately 8 a.m. they returned and reset the stage for the matinee. At 2 p.m. they performed to a sold-out audience once again without a hitch. The show ended at approximately 4:20 p.m. By 4:45 p.m. the set was coming down and was loaded out by 6 p.m., which means totally out of the CVIC Hall by 6 p.m.

This was all done with the highest standard of professionalism, which I have not seen since my days of with Broadway theatrical touring shows. Keep in mind that this cast and crew is all volunteers and not highly paid union actors and crewmembers.

n Set construction: Norris Edson, Bil Luckey, Dave Thomas and John Smith.

n Stage crew: Dave Thomas, Charity Spurgeon and Annalyse Kleker.

If the Carson Valley Community Theatre, with little to no budget, can put on a show of this high caliber, just imagine what would happen with the proper funding. We can and will bring the highest standard of theatrical shows to this Valley. We can continue to do this only with community help. We need funding and more members to fulfill this dream.

Will the Carson Valley community step up so that adults, and especially our children, receive the opportunity to perform and experience quality theater?

Carson Valley Community Theatre needs board members, grant writers, show sponsors, and theater members.

n Board of directors positions open: (retirees welcome).

Board duties include meeting once a month to go over the affairs of the corporation, and to make decisions to meet the goals of the membership. Theater experience is not necessary, but a strong background in business is helpful.

n Grant writers:

As a 501(c) (3) corporation, Carson Valley Community Theatre needs grant writers to obtain funding for rental fees, equipment, royalties, insurance and some day a place of our own.

n Community support:

We need local businesses willing to help sponsor upcoming shows.

n Lastly, we need you, the community-to support us. Join our membership. Send in your donations. Enjoy our productions. Theater experience is not necessary. We will train you. Many of our actors have never been on stage before. Male actors are in short supply for some reason in this area. We also need singers and directors. All ages welcome. If you want to see what it's like in theater, now is the time.

Come be a star with us.

You may contact us at: CVCT, Inc. P.O. Box 654, Minden NV 89423, cvctstage@yahoo.com or 781-3107.

P.S. Come see "The Odd Couple" this weekend, 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday, and you will see what I'm talking about. Tickets are on sale now at Tumblewind Antiques & Collectibles or Barone & Reed Food Co. in Minden.

Dan Goldberg

CVCT vice president


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