Concert bursts with dance

The Academy of Dance Arts, under the direction of professional dancer and choreographer Kelly O'Fallon, will present its 12th annual Spring Concert in the Montbleu Theatre located in the Montbleu Hotel (formerly Caesars Tahoe) on June 6 and 7 at 6 p.m. both nights.

The show features about 250 dancers, including approximately 150 from Carson Valley.

"For the last couple of years, we have been celebrating the anniversary of the studio by redoing some of the favorite dances that had been performed in both the Gardnerville and Tahoe locations of The Academy of Dance Arts in the last 10 years," O'Fallon said. "This year we are thrilled to unveil two brand new ballets that we created and choreographed specifically for our students."

The first, titled "A Rainforest Odyssey," explores life in the rainforest and introduces the audience to all the creatures and features that call the lush forest their home, O'Fallon said.

"(The dance includes) a vibrant sunrise, flowing trees, colorful butterflies, sleek panthers, sparkling waterfalls, salamanders sunning on the rocks and swinging monkeys all complete with a story line that ties it together," said O'Fallon.

"The second ballet, 'Jewels,' is simply that," she said. "(It is) a classical ballet about precious stones. There is no story line. It is simply beautiful music with gorgeous costumes and elegant dancers showcasing a variety of skills and graceful technique learned throughout the dance season."

The dancers change gears for the second half of the show, which is the jazz and tap portion.

"We have put together an eclectic array of songs that run the gamut from bubble gum pop and ballads, to rap and Broadway hoofin'," said O'Fallon. "But they all have one thing in common. All the songs contain the word 'dance.' Hence the theme, 'Dance Is The Key.'

"There is such an abundance of talent in the studio and for two nights in June, all that talent is displayed beautifully by each and every student affiliated with The Academy of Dance Arts," O'Fallon said. "It is their time to shine."


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