Minden firm wins state award

A Minden company is the small business of the year for making an honest effort to make the world a better place.

Full Circle Compost received the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada's small business award on May 2. The business was recognized for demonstrating strong community involvement and for work in converting and reducing waste on a large scale in agricultural, forested and urban areas.

"What an honor for us and all of those people who make it possible for Full Circle Compost to provide its recycling services," said owner Craig Witt. "The real credit needs to go to every individual and company that recycles with us.

"Full Circle Compost has been in business for 10 years. It is very satisfying to receive this kind of recognition."

Witt's business is a seven-employee operation that recycled 20,000 cubic yards of waste last year.

Full Circle Compost is an appropriate name for a company that works to put materials into the soil to get viable resources in return.

"Everything goes back to the soil," said Witt.

"Carson Valley is changing," he said. "Now we have gardens of houses in the Valley. The cows are gone and now we have new critters - microbes. We're providing food for microbes. I'm still a farmer but now I farm microbes.

"There are a billion beneficial microbes/gram of finished compost," he said.

Witt said a complexity of materials is needed to make compost. Green waste is made up of materials such as lawn clippings, parts of trees, sagebrush, leaves and pine cones.

"We're using the last bit of manure from the cows we had on the farm and two-by-fours from construction debris. It used to go to the landfill and now we mix it with (green waste). Then we meet the needs of the microbes - air, water and food - to produce humus.

"We try to be profitable while making sure we meet the needs of the microbes," said Witt.

He said the utilization and recycling of existing organic resources from the community is paramount for overall success of the Full Circle composting program and there are many people who should share the small business of the year award.

Witt said it was an honor just to be nominated for the small business award.

"Even though we're not the biggest business, it's what we do and everybody loves what we do," he said. "We work with mother nature.

"The award means people really do care. Satisfaction is ultimately what we're all looking for. It's not economic, it's about doing the right thing," Witt said.

Full Circle Compost is at 2298 Heybourne Road in Minden. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Contact them at fullcirclecompost.com or 782-5305.


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