An interestingidea in Carson

We were interested to hear Kevin Coleman's take on the development of Fuji Park and how it related to Douglas County.

As the Douglas County newspaper we're often vehement in protecting the county from outside interests. If we don't, who will?

Mr. Coleman is the businessman who built Minden Village and he's planning to build a casino where Bodine's is now.

His neighbors at the site include Carson City Fairgrounds and Mount Wal-Mart, which rises up along the Carson-Douglas line. The fairgrounds has long been a point of contention in Carson City and at one point was considered for sale as part of a development until residents voted to keep in in place.

Bodine's is an excellent location for a casino and we wish Mr. Coleman well with his venture.

But we are scratching our heads about what exactly he wants from Douglas County.

Our impression is that he wants help with bookings for the fairgrounds he's proposing for the site.

We have a nice fairgrounds here in Douglas County and hold events there on a regular basis. If we are turning people away, then certainly it would only be neighborly to send them Carson's way. But Douglas County's first obligation must be to the residents who helped pay for the fairgrounds and the organizations based here.

The county's northern entrance could use sprucing up and it sounds like Mr. Coleman's project will be an improvement. We'll watch how it comes together with interest and wish him luck with his venture.


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