Tiny Tigers touch barnyard

The Tiny Tigers got to pet a baby goat, sheep, a rabbit, a tarantula, chickens, a two-day-old calf, an Australian shepherd, guinea pigs and a miniature horse.

Allyson Lammiman's agriculture class held a petting zoo to teach Douglas High School's pre-school children about farm animals Thursday.

Tiny Tiger advisor Paula Ortiz mentioned to the agriculture teacher that her pre-schoolers were doing a lesson about animals but didn't have a wide selection of live animals to study.

"We were studying farm animals and Allyson offered her students to teach the class," said Ortiz.

"We decided to do something together. The ag students brought in their own animals."

Douglas High transitional students were learning about barnyard and exotic animals and were out to see real animals up close.

"This is the first year our kids have attended the petting zoo," said special education teacher Catherine Milner. "Last year we had chinchillas in the classroom but they usually don't get to touch animals - this lesson is more hands-on."

The agriculture class students were stationed with each animal to give lessons about where the noses, feet and tummies were located on the animals.

Douglas senior Carrie Peck brought her miniature horse, Blessing, so the children could brush her and feed her a few peppermints.

"Blessing is a driving mini," said Peck. "She drives a cart and is very friendly and used to kids. She's been to the library and park for different events."


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