Father admits slapping 6-year-old son

A 43-year-old Dayton man was sentenced to anger management classes Monday after he admitted slapping his 6-year-old son while he and his family were in line at Petco to purchase a new puppy.

The little boy received a bloody nose, two lines across his face and a swollen lip and cheek.

The father, Joe Everett Bradley, originally was jailed on $103,000 bail, charged with child abuse and domestic battery.

He pleaded guilty to battery on Monday and received a 90-day suspended sentence. He was released from custody.

The child abuse charge was not pursued by the District Attorney's office.

The criminal complaint said Bradley struck the 6-year-old in the face in a manner constituting excessive corporal punishment.

The incident occurred Sunday at Petco at 1 p.m., according to reports.

According to witnesses, Bradley, his wife, and their three children were in line to pay for the puppy when the children began "acting up" over who got to carry the new pet.

The little boy ran into his father who struck him in the face with an open hand

Witnesses said Bradley told his wife to take the little boy out of the store. Deputies arrested Bradley at a fast-food restaurant.

Deputies said they followed a trail of the little boy's blood from the cashier line to where the suspect's vehicle had been parked.

n A 5-gallon bottle containing $400 in donations was reported missing from St. Gall Catholic Church.

The money in coins, dollars and checks, was being collected for a South American relief fund.

The theft occurred the weekend of March 17-19, according to officials.

n A Carson City woman reported March 21 that an 8-year-old friend of her daughter's left "disturbing messages" on an answering machine.

The woman said she recognized the child's voice.

She contacted deputies who got in touch with the suspect's mother.

n A 67-year-old Gardnerville man reported March 23 that someone stole his vehicle from a service station when he went to pay for his gas.

The victim, who uses a cane, said the theft occurred about 5:30 a.m. at the AM-PM Minimarket South.

He said he also lost his wallet, credit cards, cash and house keys in the stolen vehicle.

Deputies advised him to change the locks on his residence.


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