Cleaners start personal service

Bigg and Stephanie Jacobsen have expanded their cleaning service to include personal services such as picking up mail and newspapers, watering plants and some pet sitting.

"We've already been asked by current clients to add some personal services for them when they take off out of town," said Bigg Jacobsen.

"The cleaning business is our priority and has been a good experience for us. It's really taking off. I've met a lot of great people. We thought we were going to get into it for money but became part of their families," he said.

Jacobsen has been a Carson Valley resident for 40 years and used to be a janitor for the school district. He's had his own cleaning business for five years and said he has pride in what he does.

"My main business is office cleaning, then residential," he said.

"I've always cleaned and I'm a good cleaner. I've read a lot about cleaning and try to learn new stuff. Cleaning products have changed over the years.

"I've been doing it a long time. I'll be here forever," Jacobsen said.

Bigg Impressions provides weekly or monthly cleaning services that include washing windows and some pressurized washing on houses or for recreational vehicles. Jacobsen is licensed and insured.

"I do a lot of office cleaning, dentists, insurance, salons, doctors - any type of office, I'll clean it," said Jacobsen.

He said expanding his services is the natural progression his cleaning business is taking.

"We know we've extended our families in many ways when people trust us with their houses," he said.

Call Bigg Impressions Cleaning and Personal Services at 782-1937 or 790-1695 during regular business hours Monday through Friday for information or to make an appointment.


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