The Body Technician specializes in healing arts

Matt Limacher has found that people just want to feel better.

"Some people have gone from the doctor to the acupuncturist to machines and nothing's worked," he said. "They think there's nothing out there to help and they throw in the towel."

Limacher owns Healing with the Art of Phasis by the Body Technician. He has been a certified master teacher of Reiki since 1999. He also started in the healing art of Phasis seven years ago and continues his education to progress in the practice.

He said the healing arts of Reiki and Phasis use simple, non-invasive techniques that stimulate the body's own healing process on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

"I balance energy - like acupuncture but without needles," Limacher said.

Just like anything else to be fixed, "if you have a problem, you go to a technician," he said.

Minden resident Ron Elges uses Limacher as the technician who helps him when he needs to be "fixed." Elges said they met three years ago at the gym.

"I was rubbing my wrist or neck and we started a conversation," he said. "I work hard and play hard and sometimes I break. When I get broken, he fixes me.

"He tells you about what's wrong and how to fix it. It's not a rubdown. Matt helps you to help yourself," Elges said.

Limacher has donated his time at Nevada Fitness and was a body tech for his son's football team when they went to the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Florida December, 2004.

"I would align the body, make sure the nervous and circulatory system was running right, make sure they had mobility in their joints," said Limacher about his techniques to prevent injury.

"At first I had four kids in the chair and after five days, all 40 came to be helped. The coach said I helped to make them run the best of their ability," he said.

Limacher grew up in Hawaii and has been in Gardnerville for 4 years. He and his wife Janine and have two sons, Clayton, 12, and Brian, 10.

"Janine goes with the flow," he said. "She supports what I do and has a lot of faith in me. I work on my family all the time.

"The kids take it for granted. They think anybody can put a hip back in place," he said.

Limacher said he's in business to help people with his healing work. He does out calls and stresses that people can be treated with their clothes on.

"I customize each treatment for each person's needs, regardless of age - everybody's walked a different path," he said.

Call The Body Technician at 790-7918 for a phone consultation or appointment.

What: Healing with the Art of Phasis by The Body Technician

Who: Matt Limacher

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