Lights, camera, action for teens against tobacco

Douglas County Teens Against Tobacco wrapped their first commercial promoting the protection of children's health, by asking parents to provide a safe environment through smoke-free cars and homes.

Their commercial began a three-month run on cable stations this month. The purpose of the commercial is to shine the light on the hazards that second-hand smoke can cause; that smoking is an adult choice, but children suffer the serious health effects when adults smoke around them.

Despite the influence of movies, music and TV, parents have the greatest influence on their children, according to DCTAT. Parents can be good role models by not smoking in front of their kids.

The DCTAT from Carson Valley Middle School, Pau Wa Lu Middle School and Douglas High School had a great time creating their first commercial and hope to provide more community service messages in the future. The commercial was funded by the Partnership of Community Resources through The Fund for a Healthy Nevada Grant.


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