Beer-swilling burglars take break

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is looking for two suspects who apparently drank beer, ate pizza and watched an adult video before they took items worth $3,000 from an Indian Hills residence.

Investigators also are trying to determine how the burglars kept the victims' pit bull at bay while they rummaged through the house for coins, jewelry, DVDs, CDs, an XBox and XBox games.

Other missing items included lingerie, knives and a digital camera.

The homeowner said the break-in occurred March 3 between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

At first, when he returned home, the man did not suspect anything was wrong.

The family's pit bull was inside the residence and nothing seemed to be disturbed.

On further investigation, he realized the items had been taken.

His wife said two slices of pizza and two beers were missing from the refrigerator and it appeared someone had watched an adult video in the master bedroom.

A neighbor said she saw two men in an older model white pickup outside the residence during the day.

She said one of the men had shoulder-length curly hair, a thin build and was wearing a dark jacket.

The suspects managed to put the dog in the back yard as evidenced by teeth marks on the wooden gate where the animal tried to chew its way back into the house.


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