Stanley Lusak, Republican Governor

Hometown: Fallon

Contact information: lusak.htm

(775) 427-1812

Incumbency: None

Platform: Restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights to all of Nevada.

U.S. citizens residing in any of the 50 States have only civil rights, not constitutional rights. Only state citizens have constitutional rights.

Restore debt-free currency and thus eliminate the income tax and the artificial debt.

Restore the fully informed jury, the most important part of Nevada's check and balance system.

Restore constitutional law, common law and common sense

If there isn't an injured or damaged party, there isn't any crime. No more traffic citations unless there is an injured or damaged party.

Restore local control of our schools, so as to restore the teaching of reading, writing and arithmatic and American history, including the study of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Restore Nevada as a 100 percent state and kick the federal government off all land the fed's didn't pay for.


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