Election heatsup summer

The signs have sprung up all over the Valley, candidates are walking the neighborhoods and showing up at Valley events like ants to a picnic.

Starting Saturday, Valley residents will be able to start voting in the primary election which will determine who among a crowd of hopefuls will lead our state into the next decade.

Some are famous, some obscure, and some are infamous.

That's why we feel it's our responsibility to provide as much information about the candidates as we can.

Over the next week we'll be providing our readers with information about candidates and the elections.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - an uninformed voter is like a monkey with a hand grenade.

Voting isn't just a responsibility, it is a duty. With an early primary there are concerns that turn-out will be low. That means those who vote have an influence out of proportion to their numbers.

There are plenty of ways to get to the polls besides lining up on Aug. 15, including absentee ballots and early voting. Polls will be open at Stateline, Topaz Ranch Estates, Indian Hills and Johnson Lane at one time or another. Minden, Stateline and Topaz Ranch Estates will have early voting on two Saturdays.

So while you're thinking about vacation, think about who will be hanging around in the heat deciding your future.

And then vote.


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