Indian Hills Steve Eisele

Place of Residence: Indian Hills

Age: 65

Contact imformation:

850 Amador Circle

Carson City, NV 89705


Record of service:

n City of Santa Cruz, Calif., - Public Works: 21 years supervisor, managing enterprise funds and construction for the municipal wharf

n City of Santa Cruz, Calif., - Public Works: nine years superintendent for municipal wharf and outer harbor-worked on projects for water and sewer treatment plants.

n County of Santa Cruz, Calif., two years senior administrative analyst - management, site assessments for multi-agency programs and budget planning for site repairs on 32 county facilities

n County of Santa Cruz, Calif., Four years construction management consultant program site negotiations/relocations, new county building construction, planning and building management


n Graduate of Santa Cruz High School

n Attended Cabrillo College

n Set up Vocational Classes in welding

n Electrical and carpentry, 1972-75

n Completed 20 years mandatory county and city of Santa Cruz training in rental mediations, disaster response, problem solving, diversity harassment, equal opportunity, construction management, Autocad, etc.

Platform: Using my 36 years of experience with city, county, state, and federal agencies, I will better our outstanding residential and commercial community by improving general services with our tax dollars.


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