Cars ransacked on Sunridge property

A Sunridge man reported Jan. 6 that $690 in compact disks and other items were missing from vehicles parked on his property.

He told deputies it appeared that three cars had been ransacked.

Missing items included 350 compact disks, two CD cases and a Palm Pilot.

n A young Gardnerville Ranchos couple reported Dec. 31 items worth more than $1,600 - including wedding gifts - were missing from their storage unit.

Deputies said, however, the lock on the unit had not been tampered with. The only people with keys were the victims and the wife's mother.

The 19-year-olds told officers they rented the unit in November. The wife said she neatly stacked dozens of boxes that included the wedding gifts and other items including clothing, dishes, a microwave, computer parts, CDs and a "Sponge Bob" collection.

She said when they returned for the first time on Dec. 21, the unit had been ransacked and many items were missing.

They estimated the loss at $1,680.

n A Johnson Lane area woman returned from vacation to discover that she was the victim of a residential burglary.

Missing items included $280 in costume jewelry, a collection of state quarters and a 1933 $50 bill.

Deputies believe the thief entered through a bathroom window and exited a sliding glass door.

The victim said dresser drawers were emptied and personal belongings had been rummaged through.

n A 47-year-old Gardnerville woman returned from Christmas vacation in North Carolina to discover that someone in Italy ran up more than $5,000 in unauthorized charges on her ATM card.

The victim told Douglas County deputies that she tried to use the card at a grocery store and gas station when she got back and was refused.

She contacted the bank and was told her account was empty.

A search revealed that five charges originating Jan. 4 in Italy were applied to her account for a total of $5,296.42.

n The resident of a home in the 1000 block of Fairway Road in the Gardnerville Ranchos reported Jan. 10 that her home was splattered with paintballs.

She said she found paint on the front window and the garage.


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