Ranchos residents want more recreation areas

Gardnerville Ranchos residents want more public facilities such as parks, trails and a Boys and Girls Club according to comments they made made in the master plan workshop last summer. At the top of the list was the desire to preserve the family-oriented character of the Ranchos community.

Mimi Moss, of the Douglas County Community Development, compiled a list of concerns residents expressed about the master plan and presented it to the board members of the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District at the Jan. 4 meeting.

Maintaining open space was an important issue to the survey respondents. Moss said that residents wanted planners to "look at the area overall and maintain agricultural areas to act as a buffer."

Many comments were about the Ranchos receiving areas and how many houses will be allowed in them.

Ranchos residents expressed concern about development - how it creates traffic and affects access to highways and public land.

"As the largest population in Douglas County, the Ranchos has the largest amount of work force housing. That's a lot of day-to-day traffic," said Moss.

Moss told the board to ask themselves if any goals or policies needed to be changed. Items may be amended, removed or added to the master plan based on changes.

"This board should look at the elements of the master plan and give any suggestions to the planning commission," said Moss. "We want you to be part of every step."

The timeline for the master plan is to file amendments June 1. The plan will be reviewed in August and September by the county

"Come up with a plan we'll all agree on," Moss told the board. "We'll work with the county on getting the best possible product."

The board accepted the concept of the district's trail system as one of the items recommended to be forwarded to Douglas County.

District manager Bob Spellberg told the board that 13 lots with trail easements can be rezoned after the master plan to be sold to get funds for future recreation facilities.

Spellberg said they maintain a mile and a half of trail throughout the Ranchos with another three miles of trail planned.

"The goal is to tie the trail into Aspen Park. People can come in at one end of the park and leave at the other end of the park," Spellberg said. "We can attach the dots and get usage out of our park."

"Part of the trail is for pedestrians and part for bikes. We'll work to keep the weeds down. We'll continue with that to make it a better place," he said.

"The trail looks good. It's something that will build our community and make it stronger for everybody," said board member Cade Baligad.

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District holds public meetings the first Wednesday of the month in the office at 931 Mitch Drive. Information at 265-2048 and the district's Web site, www.grgid.com.


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