Year in jail for trafficking charge

A Minden teenager who could have received life in prison for trafficking in cocaine was sentenced Tuesday to a suspended 10-year prison term and ordered to serve one year in Douglas County jail.

"At age 19, you've committed crimes that could put you in prison until you die," District Judge Dave Gamble told Chad Grayot.

"My task today is to make sure you see this as the worst thing you have ever done or will ever do."

Gamble placed Grayot on five years probation and ordered him to complete Western Regional Drug Court after he is released from jail.

He chided the defendant for what the judge said was "sloughing off" the seriousness of the offense.

"You were deeply embroiled in the sales process of cocaine," Gamble said. "You did this to make money to buy marijuana."

Gamble referred to Grayot's juvenile record, but the suspect said he couldn't remember which judge heard his case.

"What a great, great impact we had," Gamble said.

"If given the chance, I will not mess this up," Grayot said.

Gamble fined Grayot $2,000 and ordered him to complete 80 hours of community service.

He is forbidden to have drugs or alcohol during his probation and is subject to random search and seizure for evidence of any criminal activity or controlled substance.

Grayot also is forbidden to have contact with his co-offender. He was arrested Dec. 21 with two others for his part in the sale of 28 grams of cocaine to an undercover informant.

The transaction took place Dec. 7 in the Scolari's parking lot in Gardnerville.


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