Let Kathy run

We find ourselves in the unusual position of coming to a candidate's defense. Typically, we might be calling for Controller Kathy Augustine to skip her bid for state treasurer because of the impeachment proceedings which colored her term.

But news reports that Nevada Republican Party Chairman Paul Adams is calling for a rule withholding GOP support for impeached politicians has us thinking differently.

Augustine pleaded guilty to three ethics violations for using her state employees to work on her election campaign. Her impeachment was conducted in the Assembly, a body dominated by the opposition party. The Senate voted not to remove her from office. But the common wisdom was that her political career was dead.

We agree with Augustine when she answered Adams by saying "This is a free country. You're entitled to run for anything you want to any time you want to."

In Nevada, each party selects its slate of candidates through popular vote. If Republicans are uncomfortable with Augustine as a candidate, let another come forward and let the faithful decide who will represent the party.

Voters are aware of Augustine's record and any candidate opposing her for the Republican nomination would be foolish not to bring it up.

Republicans are proposing a bylaw that would prevent people who had been impeached from gaining party support. Before the primary, neither party should be choosing one candidate over another to support. To do otherwise smacks of backroom dealing.

If Augustine is willing to subject herself to what promises to be a brutal campaign for one of the state's more obscure offices, then who are we to discourage her?


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