I want to be an R-C reporter

Third-grade students at Jacks Valley Elementary School became members of the community Thursday, at least for the one day.

As part of the Parent Share Fair, Kathleen Barton's class dressed up and memorized scripts talking about what it is like to be firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, judges, sheriffs, post masters, weather reporters and employees of the water and power companies - anything that keeps the community going.

Grant Davis, 9, decided he wanted to be a reporter at The Record-Courier.

"I like writing about people and helping them with their problems and stuff," said Grant, dressed in a Record-Courier hat and shirt with a newspaper carrier's bag slung over his shoulders and a camera hanging around his neck.

Grant's mother, Angie Davis, said her son watches the news and reads the newspaper all the time. Grant had recently read an article about someone who was arrested for selling drugs and hoped as a journalist he could make a difference.

"If you were a newspaper reporter you would say to people who are trying to sell drugs, not to do it," said Grant.

Barton said the third-grade curriculum includes teaching children about communities.

Next, the classes at Jacks Valley Elementary will learn about what jobs people have that keep the nation going, and then the world, Barton said.


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