Fire prevention in a can, this weekend

Do you dispose of your fireplace ashes in a safe and effective manner? Topaz Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dave Thomas says most of us don't.

The Topaz Lake Volunteer Fire Department wants to help by giving away new fireplace ash cans with snug-fitting lids to local residents of the Topaz Lake, Holbrook, Topaz Ranch Estates area as an educational opportunity for proper cleaning and disposal of fireplace ashes. The ash cans are filled with pamphlets and brochures with useful fire prevention information and will be available on two days and locations:

n Topaz Lake Volunteer Fire Department No. 5, 1900 Comstock Drive (Below the Topaz Lodge) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 25.

n Topaz Ranch Estates Volunteer Fire Department No. 4, 1476 Albite Drive, Topaz Ranch Estates 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 26.

"If you can't make it to either station to receive your free can you may call and reserve one and we will deliver it to you." said Chief Thomas.

"Most of the time we use whatever container that might be handy - a paper bag, a cardboard box, a plastic pail - and then we put that container outside on the deck or near some flammable source, like our house. You have probably figured out what happens next - the fire department responds to put the fire out."

"Unfortunately, we see fires started this way all too often, so we have come up with a way to hopefully reduce these incidents by providing these free metal ash cans to properly dispose of your fireplace ashes."

This safety give-away is sponsored by Topaz Lake Volunteer Fire Department, 1900 Comstock Drive, Topaz Lake in cooperation with the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts and the Topaz Ranch Estates Volunteer Fire Department.

For more information call 266-3377.


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