Take a break from the vice president's hunting accident - go to church

Hello Carson Valley. What could I possibly write about today that could compete with the fascination some in our nation have with our vice president's hunting accident. I don't know but it better be good.

Some times when I watch the national and world news I just shake my head in bewilderment. Don't you? It just seems like the world has gone crazy doesn't it? And it gives you kind of a sense of detachment, too.

Do you know what I bet is relevant for you today? Friendships. I need friends. You need friends. We all need friends don't we? I believe God made us all to have the need for intimacy on several levels.

Could I be so bold as to make a suggestion to you? Try going to church. I've been in this Valley for almost six years now. I've been going to the same church the whole time and do you know what? I've made some great friends. The friends that I have made at my church are some of the best friends I have in the world. Isn't that something. I believe God made us to need Him, to need family, and to need friends. I have found all three at church.

I hear it said from time to time, "church people are all hypocrites and judgers." Well, come on now, let's all be honest for just a minute. We have all shown both of those things at least once or twice in our lives. There are a lot of generalities out there that have no truth to them and are dangerous to blanketly apply to all.

I have found the churches in this Valley to be warm and inviting. Church people are just normal everyday people. They have problems and struggles, issues, baggage, fears and frustrations just like you do. But they also have community and fellowship, victories and joys. They have opportunities of growing and learning about themselves, others, and about the God that created them, loves them, and wants to grow to have a close relationship that can only bless them and have a positive impact upon them.

So you say, "but I'm not a religious person." News flash - I'm not either. I bet those that know me, do not say that I'm a terribly religious person. I think they probably say that I'm a normal real person, that believes in a really great and loving God.

So ... this Sunday morning, leave the national and world news at home for an hour, and try going to church. There is a great selection of churches in this Valley. Many denominations, many styles, but one God. The Lord Jesus Christ.

P.S: By the way, I do have an opinion of course about the vice president's hunting party. The whole world does.


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