Preliminary hearing set in suspected arson

A lawyer for a man accused of burning down a mobile home said Wednesday his client admitted throwing rocks at the Dresslerville residence, but denied he set the fire.

Ruben Aguilar, 23, was arrested after the Jan. 29 fire that destroyed the home at 1612 Mountain Way. He has been in Douglas County Jail on $50,187 bail.

He was charged with felony arson and trespassing, a misdemeanor.

"It's pretty clear from the discovery documents that there is no evidence he set the house on fire," said Matthew Ence, Aguilar's lawyer.

"He threw a couple of rocks and left," Ence said. "A couple of guys had jumped him earlier. He was mad."

Prosecutor Kris Brown said it was alleged that Aguilar was involved in a fight, returned to the residence, and set the trailer on fire.

There were no injuries from the blaze.

Aguilar told East Fork Judge Jim EnEarl he lived in Dresslerville with his fiancée and her grandmother.

EnEarl said if Aguilar could find housing off the reservation in Minden or Gardnerville he would consider lowering his bail or releasing him on his own recognizance.

EnEarl told Aguilar it was not possible to supervise him on house arrest on the reservation.

Aguilar said he had been released from prison in December, receiving an honorable discharge for a felony driving under the influence conviction.

He also said he served three months in jail in Utah for possession of a weapon on school property.

He told EnEarl the weapon was a Swiss Army knife. Aguilar said he moved to Nevada from Utah to work at Squaw Valley Resort in preparation of a 2018 bid for the winter Olympics.

Aguilar is set for a hearing Feb. 22.


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