Chance to influence history coming next week

I received a call from Suzanne Sturtevant, who is park supervisor for Mormon Station State Park and the Dangberg Historic Home Ranch.

She said that whenever she tells people that she is supervisor for the home ranch, they ask her what's going on with the project.

Well next week, people can not only find out what is happening with the home ranch, but may be able to influence its future as well.

The Nevada Division of State Parks will be hosting a public meeting at the CVIC Hall 7 p.m. Feb. 23.

The home ranch is the joint responsibility of the county and the state and officials from both will be there to talk about its history and future.

In addition to talking, Suzanne said people operating the ranch will be listening to find out what people think the home ranch should be and what should be offered when it is opened as a park.

According to a draft agenda for the Feb. 23 meeting, those attending will break out into groups and be asked what opportunities for the site they like and what they would like to see, what they think the most significant aspect of the site is, what sort of activities and events should be conducted at the site and what stories about the history of the Valley, community and Dangberg families should be told.

After the planning session, results of the group discussion will be presented to the audience.

I toured the home ranch last summer and the potential for the place is incredible. Under present circumstances the state will operate the buildings and the county will care for the grounds.

The ranch has been in existence for about a century and a half and the Dangbergs were the largest landholders in the county.

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The equivalent of $1,000 for every member of the Lambin family was donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Carson Valley on Wednesday.

Debbie and David donated $1,000 on behalf of Lambin Insurance and children Jeff, Rachael and John-Henry Lambin each dug into their savings and gave $1,000 to Club President JoJo Townsell. The other $1,000 came from Nestlé Chocolate, donated at the behest of Jeff, who was named one of Nestlé's Very Best in Youth.

The money was flowing at the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting, held at Genoa Lake Golf Course.

Sharkey's Swing for the Cure donated $40,196 to the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center. Sharkey Begovich died Aug. 2, 2002. The annual golf tournament is held in spring to raise money for cancer.

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When I look out the window and see the snow falling and feel the chill, I like to think about warmer times, driving down the road with the top down.

Some other folks looking forward to warmer days are the members of the Porsche Club of America, who plan to make Gardnerville part of their annual concourse.

Concourse chairman Richard Wyett expects 50-60 Porsche owners to roll through town on their way to Lampe Park on Sept. 9 and 10.

The group is planning its competition in the park with dinner at the JT Basque Bar & Dining Room and a meet and greet at the Carson Valley Inn.

Richard said this is the first time one of the concourses has been focused on Nevada.

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We're saying farewell to two of our columnists this week. Carolyn Purkiss is giving up the Sweetwater Notes column after a recent death in the family. Pegi Webster is giving up the Johnson Lane Journal after finding work with the school district.

We've already received some interest on the Journal and will be advertising for someone to take on Sweetwater Notes in the near future.

n Kurt Hildebrand is editor of The Record-Courier. Reach him at or 782-5121, ext. 215.


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