Helicopter crashes in near Foothill

There were no survivors in a helicopter crash shortly before 8 a.m. Tuesday, in a cow pasture on Jubilee Ranch, just east of Foothill Road and south of Muller Lane. At press time, one person was confirmed dead, according to Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini.

Ranchhand Warren Fillmore, witnessed the accident.

"I heard a loud clanking sound, like something ripped off," he said. "The helicopter came stright down and exploded when it hit the ground.

"It happened so quick, there was nothing to do," he said. "It was about three to four seconds between the sound and the explosion."

Nothing was left of the aircraft and officials on the scene could not determine the registration number, according to Pierini.

One of the few recognizable pieces was a portion of the tail, which lay about 30 feet from the smoking wreckage.

The plume of smoke was sometimes punctuated by a small spontaneous blaze were the main remnants, on this quiet morning as officials stood by.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office and East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts and Minden-Tahoe Airport responded to the crash, which is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration.


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