Waldo Walker sworn in as Washoe Tribal chairman

Waldo W. Walker was sworn in Friday as the newly elected chairman of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California at the tribe's housing authority in Dresslerville.

Walker was elected to a four-year term Oct. 21 and took office when the Washoe Tribal Council approved election results and seated its new council.

"I look forward to protecting our rich cultural heritage, lands and interests, along with building responsible economic growth, so that we may become a thriving entity, able to participate economically in our broader society. It is not enough anymore that we, as a unified body, shall settle for merely surviving," he said.

Walker is a native Nevadan, born in Schurz. He grew up in Dresslerville and attended Douglas County schools before serving in the U.S. Marines, Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He attended Boise State University and the University of Nevada, Reno.

The 12-person tribal council includes six new members. Representing Reno-Sparks is Lorraine Keller; the Carson Colony are Chad Malone and Ellen Fillmore; Dresslerville are L. Mark Kizer and Rebecca Smokey; Stewart Colony are Wanda Batchelor and Darienne Tenorio; Woodfords are DeAnn Roberts and Maureen Dressler; and off-reservation are Aaron Smokey and Norrine Smokey-Smith.

"I would like to give thanks to all Washoe Tribal members for having faith in me, and sharing my desire to create and promote a brighter future for our tribe," Walker said.

He said Carson Valley possesses some of the greatest scenery, and some of the finest citizenry.


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