Man admits hitting neighbor with bat

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A 62-year-old Gardnerville man pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor battery for striking his neighbor with a baseball bat.

Thomas Michael McClinton was arrested April 22 at his Townhouse Circle home after he entered a neighbor's home and swung a bat at his head.

The victim told deputies he was unloading groceries when the woman McClinton cares for asked about his child. The man said he told the woman he didn't want her interfering in his business.

McClinton told deputies he was taking a nap when the woman came in and woke him to say the neighbor had spoken to her in a mean way. He said he lost it and went into the man's apartment with the baseball bat. The victim held his arms over his head and the bat struck his arm, causing an injury. The victim then wrestled the bat away from McClinton.

McClinton is scheduled to be sentenced 1 p.m. Wednesday.


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