St. Gall offers vocation talk

Eduardo Perez spoke on his vocation to the priesthood this past weekend at all of the masses at St. Gall Catholic Church. He told how he had left Santiago, Chili, to come to the Reno Diocese with only his suitcase, to discover what lies ahead for him.

He is studying English at The University of Nevada, Reno, and will study theology at the Seminary in Menlo Park, Calif., in the near future.

His presentation is the start of Vocation Awareness at St. Gall Parish. On May 2, at 6:30 p.m., in the church located at 1343 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, the vocation committee is hosting an evening of informative talks, personal testimonials, and a video presentation on vocations.

Those attending will be welcomed by Father Paul McCollum, pastor of St. Gall Church and vocation director for the Reno Diocese.

There will be a presentation by the members of Serra International on what they do to foster vocations,followed by personal accounts of how they were lead to the priesthood by Father Paul McCollum, Father Elberto Melendez, seminarians Mark Hanifan, Eduardo Perez and Edgar Villanueva.

After presentations a video on vocations will be shown and the evening will end with refreshments in the gathering area.

All who are interested in learning about vocations are invited to attend.

For more information, call the church at 782-3784.


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