The best is yet to come

"The Lord is risen indeed." So read the text of St. Luke's Gospel in Chapter 24, verse 34. The story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. The highlights of this story begin with His miraculous virgin birth. The miracles He performed is another incredible chapter of His story. Jesus, Himself, never wrote books and only a few words of His sermons and spiritual lessons have been recorded by others. At the close of St. John's Gospel, John wrote these words. "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which, if they should be written, every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." John 21:25.

Nevertheless, the words of the Savior that are recorded are the most amazing words ever spoken by human language and have provoked interest and controversy for more than 20 centuries of world history. The suffering and execution of Jesus by means of the Roman cross was the last chapter in His story. At least, that is what His close friends and followers at first thought and, what Satan hoped for. We have a record of an interesting conversation of two of His followers as they traveled together on a road to the local village of Emmaus. In modern language, they said, "We were trusting and hoping that He was the long hoped for redeemer and Messiah-now we don't know what to think."

As millions now believe, the death of Jesus on the cross only ended a chapter of His story related to His human form and earthly existence. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead which we celebrate on Easter, is the beginning of part two in the story. It is by far the best and most exciting part, if true, and is supremely relevant to our temporal lives and the future we must all admit, is frightening and uncertain.

The great question to be decided is; The story of Jesus, is it true or is it merely mythology and fiction? No amount of physical and scientific evidence will ever convince our human mind of the truth of this great story. Not that there is not abundant evidence for there is. It is because we are imprisoned by a world view and mind set recorded are as important as the words of Jesus to Nicodemas, in chapter 3 of John. Think carefully about what these words mean because the experience spoken of here has been life transforming for millions. "Truly, truly, I say unto you, except a man be born again, he cannot see (perceive) the kingdom of God."


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