French students say 'Bonne journée'


Students in Ashley Luoma's French 2 and 3 classes were instructed to come in and "amusez-vous bien" during their visit to the French village in room 209 at Douglas High School on Friday.

They "amused themselves well" visiting vendors including la boulangerie (bake shop), la poste (post office), chez le fleurist (florist), la prison avec le gendarme, (a prison with a guard) and a souvenir photo stand for "quelles vacances magnifique!"

"The French 3 students are the vendors and the French 2 students have to ask questions," said senior Holli McEachin. "It's a two-way speaking test. We're all graded on it."

McEachin, 18, said she plans to use her knowledge of French for a future career.

"I'm going to live in France and teach English or European history in school over there."

Sophomore Jon Hays who manned the village post office, "La Poste," will continue with French in college.

"I went to France last year," said Hays. "People look at you a little kinder there when you know French."

Teacher Ashley Luoma found it hard to explain the French village lesson without getting thrown in la prison for speaking English.

"The students had to write cover letters and résumés for their businesses," said Luoma. "They had to look up the French words for 'unemployment' and 'minimum wage.' They had to learn product names."

Aletha Stainbrook, 17, said their French lesson starts as soon as they walk into the classroom.

"Our teacher talks in French the whole time and we have to try and understand her," said Stainbrook. "This lesson was good practice for both French classes. It's a good way to learn."


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