Giving your game its best punch

An important shot to learn is the punch shot or three-quarter shot. This shot is especially effective in the wind or when controlling distance is important. It is also effective from less than perfect lies.

Take one club more than normal (if nine iron distance use an eight).

Play the ball a little farther back than normal (an inch or so back from the center of the stance).

Position your weight slightly to the left foot (60 percent belt buckle a little ahead of the ball).

Take your normal swing, just a slightly shorter version. The swing should feel firm and compact with minimal wrist action.

This shot will fly a little lower than normal and will hold its line in the wind. Practice on the range with different clubs, you will notice the change in trajectory.

Terry Gingell is a PGA professional. For information regarding lessons at Eagle Valley Golf Courses and Genoa Lakes please call Terry, 690-7970.


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