Q&A on the News: Concealed-weapon permits

What is the procedure, cost and requirements to obtain a concealed-weapon permit?

Residents of Nevada who are 21 years of age can apply for carry of concealed-weapon permits. Those applying for a CCW permit must complete a CCW course approved by their county sheriff, who will have a list of approved instructors and costs between $100 and $150. After the course has been completed and documented, complete the application form available from the county sheriff and submit it with the application fee of $105.

When the application is submitted, fingerprints and a photograph will be taken and certain other information including the applicants driver's license number will also be collected. Upon completion of the background check, a CCW permit will be issued, allowing the user to carry up to two concealed weapons.

What are grounds for denial?

A permit will not be issued to a person who is an ex-felon who has not had their right to possess firearms restored.

By state law, permit will not be issued to a person who: Currently has a warrant outstanding for their arrest, has ever been declared by a Judge to be either incompetent or insane, within the past five years has been admitted to a mental health facility, within the past five years has been a habitual user of alcohol or controlled substances, or been convicted of driving under the influence or been committed to a rehabilitation program for alcohol or controlled substances, within the past three years has been convicted in any state of a misdemeanor of a violent nature, or involving force, or threatened use of force, has been convicted of a felony in any state, has been convicted of a crime involving violence or stalking, or is under a restraining order for domestic violence, is on parole or probation, within the past five years has been a subject of a court requirement imposed as a condition of withholding a judgment of conviction of a felony, or suspension of a sentence for conviction of a felony, has made a false statement on an application for a concealed-weapon permit.

What does a permit allow?

Once an permit is approved it is valid for five years and can be renewed for additional five-year terms. The permit allows the person to carry a concealed weapon on their person or in personal object (like a purse or backpack). When carrying a concealed firearm, the holder must have the permit, gun registration card and proper identification on them at all times. Holders of CCW permits are still prohibited from possessing firearms in any facility of a law enforcement agency, a prison, city or county jail, or detention facility, a courthouse or courtroom, a public airport and/or a public building that is located on the property of a public airport, a public building that has a metal detector at each public entrance, a public building that has a sign posted at each public entrance indicating that no firearms are allowed in the building, any facility of a public or private school without written permission, any facility of a vocational/technical school, or the University of Nevada, or community college system without written permission any other building owned or occupied by the federal government, the state, or local government any other place where carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited by state or federal law.


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