Beers says 'Cut car registration tax in half'

Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, said Tuesday if elected governor, he will ask lawmakers to cut in half the tax imposed to register vehicles each year.

He estimated that would save taxpayers a total of $150 million this fiscal year.

That tax, called the governmental services tax, doesn't go to state government. Instead, it is split between local government and public education. Beers said he doesn't intend to cut any of the funding that goes to education - only that portion collected by county and municipal governments in Nevada.

"The rebate was an important first step, but we have a responsibility as leaders and it will be a key goal of my administration to relentlessly identify opportunities to lower taxes and make sure government only grows as fast as Nevada's people do."

To make up some of the loss to local governments, Beers said state tax proceeds collected from mineral leases should be added to the Consolidated Tax Distribution formula. He said that would directly benefit the counties where those lease revenues are generated.

"Government at all levels just takes too much out of the pockets of our families and I will do everything I can to return hard-earned money to the overburdened taxpayer," he said.

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