Guinn says issues with undelivered rebate checks will be examined

Gov. Kenny Guinn said Monday his staff and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles are working to answer questions about why some tax rebate checks haven't been delivered.

The checks were supposed to be delivered Saturday, although postal officials said they could arrive sometime this week.

"Although the bulk of the almost 1.9 million checks originally issued have found their way to the correct homes, we have found a few minor issues that did affect a small percentage of people," said Guinn.

Among those problems:

• Some vehicle owners who registered their vehicle early in calendar 2004 didn't receive checks. A DMV spokesman said that problem is being fixed, and those checks will be issued later this year.

• Some owners who had multiple names on their registration but didn't list an address for each person didn't receive checks. State officials said 28,000 checks were mailed Saturday to those individuals.

• Some received checks which they can't cash for a dead relative. They should contact DMV by mail, explain the situation and include a copy of the death certificate so that a check can be issued to the proper relative or estate.

• Some checks were delivered to the wrong address. They should be marked "Return to Sender" and put back in the mail.

Guinn's office advised anyone who believes his or her check has been stolen to contact law enforcement and file a report. He or she should also notify the state by e-mail at or call the rebate phone number for this area at 684-4948.

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