Silver Hills keeps focus on mission work

The Silver Hills Community Church has placed a lot of its focus on various ministries. Here are some of the missionary activities the church has been a part of, with more to come.

On Oct. 7, Missionaries Denny and Barb Bock will be at Silver Hills to speak at the morning service and an informational North African dinner for those interested in a 2006 short-term North African mission.

The Bocks are missionaries in Northern Africa that the Silver Hills Community Church is actively supporting.

They went to a country in North Africa that is 99.9 percent Muslim to serve as English instructors.

The Bocks have been missionaries in several African countries for the past 30 years. Silver Hills is planning on sending several lay people to North Africa in 2006 to help them.

Since the Bocks are English instructors, the African-Arab students want English speakers to speak with.

Silver Hills is also reaching out to Iraq. The women of Silver Hills have put together a box of goods for U.S. military chaplains to give to Iraqi children.

For the past four years Silver Hills has been involved in helping a Mexican pastor in La Mision, Mexico.

Pastor Gustavo Pacheco is an independent pastor in the small town of La Mision. He took over Tempolo Christiano Elim Church some 10 years ago from his father and has been building the church by faith.

On July 7, 19 people from Silver Hills went to spend a week with Pastor Pacheco.

The church has a new dental office but no dentist, so a member of Silver Hills team was a dentist.

Others in the group did more construction work around the church site and provided building materials for the church.

Another group of men went out into the community and helped to build a house for a family in the church.


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