General manager appointment before Indian Hills board

INDIAN HILLS - Potential reorganization and appointment of a replacement for general manager Jim Bentley will be the topics at Thursday's meeting of the Indian Hills General Improvement District board of trustees.

After board members voted July 20 to retain Jim Bentley as general manager of the district rather than release him from his contract, he submitted his written resignation.

Bentley's last day is set for Aug. 3. His contract would have run through June 2009.

Indian Hills board member Laura Lau said she feels the district needs a general manager, an administrator to run the district, but the board needs to rewrite the job description of the general manager position to fit the district's future needs.

"Jim Bentley was correct when he said that we have good competent folks employed at the district. However, I think that we need to seriously look at all the job descriptions to make sure no one is working beyond their class or description," Lau said. "We may be able to reorganize so as to allow all employees equal duties. I don't think that's happening now."

Lau also said she feels the general manager is paid too much.

"I feel the current salary is way over what the district can afford and over what the average salary is of other GID general managers in the area," she said.

Bentley said he resigned after cityhood efforts in Indian Hills were thwarted by a number of factors, including expansion of redevelopment in north Douglas County and a court decision upholding that redevelopment.

He said there was little need for a general manager in Indian Hills, not to mention the $540,000 expense.

The district needs a maintenance program to maintain stability of sewer and water, as well as streets and parks, but there will be no new facilities, Bentley said.

County Manager Dan Holler said he's not familiar with Indian Hills operations overall, but it makes sense to have a manager, considering the size of the operation.

"It makes sense to have one point person in charge," he said. "The question is, what level is necessary. That's up to their board."

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