Carson student attends UNR Girls Math and Technology Camp

For the past two years I have been attending the Girls Math and Technology Camp held at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is held yearly from July 17-22. Sadly, this was my last year, but I will never forget it.

The first year I came to the camp, I thought I would find a bunch of girls who just wanted to brush up on their already amazing math skills. It was very intimidating to think about. But once I got there, I found girls who just loved math, some who wanted to learn something new, and others who didn't have the best of grades, but wanted to improve.

I wanted to go for all those reasons.

When I got to camp, I was amazed at the amount of girls there. All the fears I had went away instantly and I was able to make friends.

Although it is based on math and technology, there was a lot more going on as well. I was surprised right away when I found out we were staying in actual dorms.

We went to Wild Island, the Lombardi Recreation Center and Roller Kingdom. We even had a real talent show.

Every morning we would leave for breakfast at 8 and wouldn't come back until about 5. It may sound like a lot of math, but it was so fun that the time went by really fast.

The teachers were excellent. They weren't picked off the street. In fact, most of them have a degree in math. All of them are wonderful teachers and people as well.

Last year there were about 30 girls who attended the math camp. This year there were around 70.

There were so many that we had to have two separate halls.

The system at the camp is better than the school I go to. It is very organized. Even when it isn't (which is rare) the teachers always have something to do so that we wouldn't get bored.

The camp is seriously into math, and makes learning a lot of fun. It also seems more serious because, as well as the students, the teachers love math.

The only thing I did not like about the camp was the fact that only girls going into seventh and eighth grade could attend. But don't let that keep you away. Not only does math camp give you something to do during the summer, it teaches you valuable lessons about life and friendship.

I used to dread going to math class, but ever since going to camp, I have a much higher confidence level. If I don't do well on a test, I'll try to get better at what I messed up with. (I also got to get away from my parents for a week.)

I highly recommend this camp to any girl that has a love for math or that wants to improve. You'll have fun and probably make friends, too.

So if you have a love for learning or simply want to improve, go to the Girls Math and Technology Camp.

n Ariel Sanchez is a student in the Carson City School District.


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