Barkley and Garrett trade barbs

STATELINE - Charles Barkley and Chris Webber continued to trade bad shots in their much-hyped $50,000 sidebet on Saturday.

But the NBA hacks welcomed a third duffer to their miserable threesome for round two of the American Century Championship, and their shots weren't the only comedy. Actor/comedian Brad Garrett entertained a large gallery while the threesome was spraying shots all over the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course layout.

After missing a short putt on No. 14, Garrett requested that fans leave the gallery rope at neck level. A spectator interrupted a Barkley-Garrett conversation a short while later and Garrett said, "Find your own NBA star to talk to."

Barkley seemed to grow tired of the Garrett show on the 18th green when he stepped on the actor's ball as he walked to the back of three green.

Garrett proceeded to plead for some assistance.

"I don't want the police to haul him away. I want a ruling," Garrett said.

Barkley cracked up the gallery with a Dr. Phil one-liner on the 15th tee box.

"I can't believe Dr. Phil's making all that damn money for telling people to use common sense," Barkley said.

Not everyone was impressed with Garrett. Although they were on separate sides of the golf course most of the day, ACC leader Billy Joe Tolliver heard Garrett's voice above the boat motors.

"He has some issues on the golf course. He has a very loud voice that carries," Tolliver said.

Barkley, an NBA analyst for TNT, played perhaps his worst round in ACC history. Fifteen double bogeys and three bogeys left him in last place at minus 57. Garrett isn't far ahead at minus 53.

Webber, who shot the worst single round - a 71-over-par 143 - in 2002, opened up a nine-point lead on Barkley at minus 48 points.

Webber challenged Barkley to a $50,000 bet after Barkley ridiculed the former Sacramento Kings forward's game during a teleconference earlier this month. The loser must donate the money to the winner's favorite charity.


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