The baby born on Christmas day

Christmas was always my favorite holiday. Christmas 1995 has been the most special. On Christmas morning that year, I was given a wonderful gift. I gave birth to a 6-pound, 3-ounce daughter.

Our baby was due Dec. 30. I knew she would be born before January 1st (as I was planning on the tax deduction) but we were not expecting her on Christmas. When she did arrive we felt comfort in knowing that she was born on a special day.

We had the standard ultrasound at 20 weeks. The ultrasound went well. At the end, the doctor asked if I had any questions. My only question was whether or not the baby had a three-vessel umbilical cord.

The doctor thought it was an unusual question but checked anyway. As he checked, I explained this baby was our first and I had a friend who was recently talking about his son. His son had a two-vessel umbilical cord instead of three. The boy had had numerous physical problems as a result. The doctor checked and then double-checked and informed us she had a two-vessel umbilical cord. He reviewed his measurements and indicated that coupled with the fact her femurs measured short increased the chances for Downs Syndrome. He referred us to a specialist.

We left stunned. We went to breakfast after the appointment and sat there quietly. Later that day, my husband sent me roses with a girl teddy bear in a frilly dress and a card that read, "I know our daughter will be as beautiful as her mother." That, of course, made me cry.

One week later we met with a specialist and he confirmed through another ultrasound that she had short femurs and a two-vessel umbilical cord. I was then scheduled for an amniocentesis a week later.

We received the results within days. The results confirmed our baby girl did not have Downs Syndrome and by the second appointment with the specialist, her femurs had caught up to where they should have been. The two weeks of worry were over and the rest of the pregnancy was thankfully uneventful with the grand finale at 7:51 a.m. Christmas morning.

What a special Christmas present. We are two very proud parents to say the least. We are truly blessed to have this little girl in our lives and to be given her on such a special day. This year our precious daughter turns 10.

Happy Birthday Hayley!



n Carolyn Hunton lives and works in Carson Valley and has three children.


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