Somebody cared enough to help

Nineteen-ninety was a bittersweet year for us. Sean was 7 and Todd was 5. Todd had just started kindergarten and had some trouble adjusting, as he was really young turning 5 in July. At the end of October their dad unexpectedly set out for a new life. The boys were very upset. Christmas was approaching fast and I had no job even though I had been looking for some time. At last I was offered a position which would not start until Christmas Eve.

With absolutely no money for food, I was worried the boys wouldn't have a single gift for Christmas. It was so heart-breaking.

One night just before Christmas someone came to our door with a box full of food. Soon after that, someone else arrived with a box full of wrapped gifts for the boys. I was shocked and excited that the boys would have Christmas after all. Someone cared enough to arrange this wonderful surprise for us.

It has been 15 years and the boys are grown now. Each year we remember that Christmas and wonder who was to thank. I suspect that two wonderful teachers, Mrs. Holderman and Mrs. Beltrami, planned the surprise Christmas. I want whoever helped us to know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will never forget that special Christmas, and what you did for us.


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