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Have you been aware of the angels that influence our lives and decisions? They are everywhere and rather magically show up when we least expect but, truthfully, we really need them. This year more often than I have ever been aware of before, I have become very conscious of angels.

The funny thing about angels is you cannot summon them; they just join your life. Now, let me explain angels are not always people, though sometimes they are. Sometimes angels are words in the newspaper or part of the television program that is playing. Occasionally angels are in my mind and rather cleverly guide me with word choices or decisions.

Perhaps this phenomenon is metaphysical and maybe others would not name it "Angels," but really, in the great scheme of things, it does not matter what this guiding force is called.

You see this year, 2005, is the first one in seven that I have not been in a hospital undergoing or recuperating from some surgical procedure. I feel very blessed to be walking. Really! I do believe I am the only one who is counting, but trust me when I share that this has been a good and productive year for me and I sincerely wish for you too. The angels seem to have played an important and meaningful role this year in my recovery, my direction, and my choices.

I met some angels and listened to some, too. Many of them have no names but came instead in the form of overhearing a conversation or listening to the radio or taking some passage out of context because it seemed to have a universal meaning of value to me.

But to other, living, walking, talking angels, I did have opportunity to say, "Thank you for being an angel." I meant it too. Happily, I said it often, but, to tell the truth, I thought it even more.

My hope then, is while you are shopping, partying, dining, or simply driving to make your destination on time, keep those magical angels in mind. Listen to them; they usually sleep in your heart and wake up in your dreams. I am sure should you let yourself listen, you will feel peace and happiness, two of the best gifts you can receive this Christmas! Enjoy!

n Ann Bednarski is a resident of Carson City.


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