Acknowledging a youth leader: Pauline Kiser

Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal

Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal

Carson City said good bye Dec. 2 to Pauline Kiser, an area leader who promoted and supported youth substance-prevention programs, at a surprise farewell party.

Kiser is heading home to New York. Since May 2000, she has been executive director of the Community Council on Youth. Her passion for youth is unmatched, and her dedication to the Community Council on Youth is equally impressive.

When Kiser started at CCOY, she operated from her dining room. Over the past 5 1/2 years, she has brought the coalition to higher levels of service, helped by many community members.

There are now three employees to provide community assessments, technical assistance to local prevention providers, resources and publications, and funding opportunities.

Kiser followed the five purposes that established CCOY in 1989:

• Receive input from youth and adults relating to issues, program and activities.

• To promote and support youth programs with donations, grants, and technical assistance and volunteers.

• To engender programs that are needed but unavailable.

• To promote relationships between all volunteer groups, youth organizations, youth services agencies and others.

• To increase understanding within the community of the issues and needs of youth and to promote an ongoing partnership between youth and adults.

As chairwoman of CCOY, Kiser made it fun to be part of the organization. She was very driven, and dedicated to CCOY's many causes, and her drive and dedication were contagious. I and Carson City will no doubt miss her and will miss the relationship that we established.

One of the primary responsibilities of CCOY is to communicate with other agencies that work with youth and families. These include: Ron Wood Family Resource Center, Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Mentor Center of Western Nevada, Children's Museum of Northern Nevada, Brewery Arts Center, Computer Corps, Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, Stand Tall Don't Fall, Girls Scouts of the Sierra Nevada and many more.

Kiser's responsibility with these agencies was tremendous. She met with them regularly to discuss the many needs of youth. This is not an easy task, as each agency has its own agenda (and rightfully so).

Through the leadership of Kiser, the coalition is stronger than ever and has even been recognized, along with the other 11 coalitions in Nevada, by other states and in Washington D.C. for making a difference against substance-abuse prevention. Citizens must remember good communities don't just happen. It takes hard work and dedication from people who really care. Kiser was definitely one of these people.

As CCOY chairman, I congratulate Kiser on a job well done. My wish for her is simple - feel good for your accomplishments in Carson City.

I will miss you as a co-worker of CCOY, but more than that, I will miss you as a friend. New York should greet you with open arms for it will be lucky to have you. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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