Here is the swing of things

The exercise picture is a great way to train the arms and body to work in a synchronized fashion.

It also gives the golfer some key positions for the hands and arms throughout the swing.

At the completion of the back swing the shoulders and chest have rotated around the stable right thigh. The shoulders and chest are leaning slightly to the right with about 70 percent of the weight on the back foot. At this point the arms have swung up to level with the ground. The hands should be in front of the body as pictured approximately in line with the neck. With the club in your hands momentum will increase the length of the back swing. Without the club simply swing the arms to level with the ground.

As the hands and arms have swung down to impact, the right knee has moved laterally and the right heel is off the ground.

As the hands and arms swing to the finish position the body completes its rotation to face the target. At the completion of the swing the upper arms are level to the ground, the elbows are bent and the same width apart as at the start of the swing. The hands and arms are positioned comfortably alongside the head.

Practice this drill with the use of a mirror. It will improve your positions and train you to make a coordinated swing of the arms and body.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf and is the coach of the Carson High girls golf team.


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