Builders opt out of growth control

Introducing another proposed growth cap in Douglas County is not something the Douglas County Building Industry Association is inclined to do, group officials say.

"We had a long debate with a lot of discussion," said Carole Thompson, executive director of the association. "But, legally, we cannot even look at a growth cap. The (county's) master plan should be the tool for controlling growth in Douglas County."

Thompson said the association board voted unanimously to "advocate and support Douglas County in its brave effort to preserve and implement the master plan."

The discussion held Tuesday at the association's meeting was prompted by recent events regarding a voter-approved growth cap that would have limited new dwellings in the county to 280 per year.

At a Feb. 11 hearing in Douglas District Court, Judge Michael Gibbons ruled the initiative was constitutional in a summary judgment, but blocked implementation of the limit because it was inconsistent with the county's master plan.

The Sustainable Growth Initiative Committee plans to appeal Gibbons' ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court.

After Gibbons' ruling last week, members of the building industry, developers and contractors and the association said they were willing to sit down with the committee and compromise on some sort of growth-control measure.

Thompson said the builders' association is still open to mediation.

"But we would go through the (Douglas) County Commissioners with all the parties involved, in the future," Thompson said.

In a lawsuit filed Nov. 7 by developers Nevada Northwest LLC against Douglas County and members of the SGI Committee, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Dec. 17 that the initiative process was legal. But the court has yet to rule on the specific language of the initiative: If it was proper for Douglas District Court to intervene pre-election on allowing the ballot question, and whether the ballot measure is constitutionally permissible as an amendment to an existing law.

The plaintiffs in the case going to the state Supreme Court for appeal against Douglas County, with the SGI Committee as intervener, include Jumpers LLC, Century 21/Clark Properties, Jay Marriage, Nevada Northwest, Syncon Homes, Aspen Park, Aurora Land, LLC, Merrill Construction, Kim Posian Construction, Chichester Estates and Douglas County Building Industry Association.

The association is hosting a 2003 Forecast dinner Wednesday. Discussion will include the proposed gross-tax receipts and Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick, R-Gardnerville, will review the Nevada Legislature session.


What: 2003 Forecast dinner

Who: Douglas County Building Industry Association

When: 6-9 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Carson Valley Inn, 1627 Highway 395, Minden

Call: 783-1792


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