Profiles of Resendiz trial jurors

A jury of seven women and five men will decide the fate of a Carson City man accused in the 1998 murder of Sammy Resendiz.

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of Rocky Boice Jr., 23, and after four days 12 jurors and two alternates were seated.

The jury and alternates are:

-- Juror 1: A woman, has no prior jury experience and has read about the case. She is retired from Washington state and has lived in Carson City for 36 years. She has a bachelor's degree in education.

-- Juror 2: A woman, employed by the state, has lived in Carson City for 20 years. Her grandfather was Native American. She was the victim of a knife attack by a stranger in her own home 25 years ago.

-- Juror 3: A woman, is a casino dealer who has lived in Carson City for 38 years. She said she hasn't read anything about the case.

-- Juror 4: A man, who is a retired meat cutter, has lived in Carson City for 14 years. He said he was disgusted with violence today and has served on a jury before.

-- Juror 5: A woman who said her grandfather was beaten to death and his body left in a graveyard for blacks in the South many years ago. Two of the four men involved were prosecuted. She is part Choctaw. Her husband went to school with the defendant's father.

-- Juror 6: A man, who works for Carson City, said he went to school with Boice, but didn't socialize with him.

-- Juror 7: A man, who works for a conservation organization, has a bachelor's in geography from University Nevada, Reno, and has lived in the area since 1987.

-- Juror 8: A man.

-- Juror 9: A woman, who said it never surprises her "when I see someone, sadly, die who has any relationship to a gang."

-- Juror 10: A woman, who works as a librarian, has lived in Carson City for 15 years with three grown children.

-- Juror 11: A man who is an electrical engineer.

-- Juror 12: A woman who works from home. She has lived in Carson City for 20 years.

-- Alternate 1: A woman who has lived in Carson City for 24 years and worked for the same bank for 23 years. She said she has read the newspaper articles on the case, but was "raised to make up my own mind."

-- Alternate 2: A man who works at a grocery store as a stocker and has lived in Carson City off and on for the last 12 years.


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