National Kid's Day to be celebrated Sunday at Mills Park

Hey kids, this Sunday is a holiday -- for you.

It's about time, right?

In celebration of your day, National Children's Day, on Sunday, Mills Park will be full of face-painting, tug-of-war pulling, hot dog-eating kids and teenagers.

It's all free -- the face painting, hair painting, hot dogs, bounce castle, tug of war, and parachute games. Not to mention the white T-shirts with the six-colored kids' day logo for the first 100 children.

"I wore my kids' day shirt to work yesterday and the kids are so excited," said Diane McCoy, area director of Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada. "I heard stuff like 'My mom's going to bring me' or 'Grandma's taking me.' They want to make sure everything is free and that really makes it more than exciting to them."

The 4-H Club is scheduled to do demonstrations and the Carson City Recreation Department will be sponsoring craft-making. A bike safety program will alert kids to bike awareness. Mayor Ray Masayko, who will be present, is scheduled to proclaim Carson City as a Kid's Day Host.

McCoy hopes 400 to 500 children will come, particularly because the event is an opportunity to build family memories.

"Research shows that when adults spend meaningful time with young children it helps them develop a positive self image and a sense of belonging, and these are gifts that money can't buy."

She expects at least half of the 400 children who visit the Boys & Girls Club daily on the corner of Fifth and Stewart streets to come. But the event is open for all children, not just members of the Boys & Girls Club.

"It's just more so parents and kids can celebrate time together," McCoy said. "We intend to do it annually and get bigger and bigger each year."

First celebrated in 1991, National Children's Day has been made official this year, backed by first lady Laura Bush, whom McCoy said, "has blessed the program." National Children's Day evolved from Colin Powell's "America's Promise" and the Alliance for Youth.

"So now (children) are going to actually have a day that recognizes them and show that they are important," McCoy said.

National Children's Day will be celebrated the first Sunday of August.

"After all, 'Moms have a day, dads have a day, even groundhogs have a day, why not kids?'" said McCoy, reading from a promotional National Children's Day pamphlet.


What: National Kid's Day

When: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday

Where: Mills Park, at Pavilion A, sort of between the indoor swimming pool and the skatepark. "Look for the bounce castle."

Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada

Who: Open to all youth between the ages of 7 and 18.

WHERE: The corner of Fifth and Stewart streets

WHAT: Supervised play facilities, games rooms and gym, field trips, crafts, breakfast.

COST: $10 a year

CALL: 882-8820 for further information on scholarships and memberships


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