Fishing report for week of 09/26

Kings wait at Klamath River

LAKE ALMANOR: No report.

LAKE ALPINE: No report.



BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR: Fishing has been slow due to the extremely low water levels. There is only water, down at the north end, deep enough for fishing. Some anglers are still-fishing from boats and a few are shore fishing. Inflated worms are working the best. All Marina boats and docks have been pulled for the year.


CAPLES LAKE: Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station (530-694-2930) checked in with this report: "An excellent weekend. Trollers were doing well with silver Ford Fender flasher blades and Blue Fox Vibrant lures. Catching limits of average sized rainbows. Lots of fishermen with lots of fish."


East Carson: Very low and crystal clear. Fishermen were working the deeper holes.

West Carson: Extremely low and crystal clear. Mostly a series of small, interconnected pools. One angler had a 4.11 pound and a 1.9 pound rainbow by using a 501 Super Duper lure in the deeper pools.


Big Springs Reservoir, also in Northern Humboldt County: No report.

CRATER LAKE (Near Kit Carson Pass): No report.

CONVICT LAKE AND CONVICT CREEK: David DeSurra of the Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260) sent in this report: "Fishing continues to be fantastic. Catching unbelievably large fish. Fall is here and the fishing continues to be wonderful."

Convict Lake: The top rainbow trout of the week were a 6.79 pounder on a Thomas Buoyant lure from the south shore, a 6.33 on a Pistol Pete, a 5.90 on rainbow Power Bait, a 5.88 on a black Woolly Bugger fly, a 5.81 on a Trout Teaser lure and a 5.46 on a nightcrawler from the south shore.

Convict Creek: The largest trout was a 3.50 pound rainbow on a green Mepps lure.

CROWLEY LAKE: Stripping as well as Midges are very effective.

DAVIS LAKE: No report.

EAGLE LAKE: Dave Meserve of the Eagle Lake Marina (530-825-3454) sent in this report: "Challenging conditions have prevailed this past week as the trout move to shallower portions of the lake. Many anglers report using trolling flies. Good results this weekend using a "shocking pink" trolling fly. Shore fishing has picked up, especially from the Marina jetty and from the circus grounds near the Christie Day area. Trout averaging 2-3 pounds with fish weighing up to 5 pounds not unusual."

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR: Shirley and Richard Wiggin of Wiggin's Trading Post in Chilcoot (530-993-4683 or 530-993-4721) checked in with this report: "Fishing has been pretty good. Some larger trout lately - up to 3 pounds. Nightcrawlers and various colors of Power Bait are working well. Lunker Point, the Dam and the north end of the lake are popular spots to try."

FROG LAKE: No report.




INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Water is warm and murky. Rated fair. Have to get out to the deeper water to get fish. South end is the best for float tubes.

Summit Lake, above Indian Creek Reservoir, No report.

JUNE LAKE LOOP (GRANT-GULL-JUNE-SILVER LAKES-RUSH CREEK): Susie Greilich at Kittridge Sporting Goods Store in Mammoth (760-934-7566) said:

Grant Lake: Troll Rapala lures. Float tubers doing well at the mouth with Woolly Bugger flies.

Gull Lake: A lot of large fish. Troll flasher blades with Needlefish lures. Also use Roostertail lures or rainbow or Captain America Power Bait.

June Lake: Cutthroats running 1-2.5 pounds. Best fishing at 9 colors of lead core line with Triple Teaser lures.

Silver Lake: Thomas Buoyant lures, worms or Hornberg flies.

Rush Creek: Best for Roostertail lures.

KINNEY RESERVOIR: Water level is way down. Cool and windy on Sunday. Very light fishing pressure with no action on various lures and baits.

Lower Kinney Lake, a one-half mile hike from the reservoir: Water level is way down. Cool and very windy on Sunday. Four pairs of anglers, using various lures and bait. No success by any of them.

Silver Creek, on the way to Kinney: Very low and crystal clear. Mostly small, interconnected pools. Very little fishing pressure.


KLAMATH RIVER: John Preciado (JD) of Carson City reported that he and his fishing partner caught 5 king salmon last week. The salmon weighed 25-35 pounds and were taken using 3-ounce, gold, Kastmaster lures with single, barbless hooks, while trolling with long lines.

He said that there are an estimated 500,000-800,000 kings waiting in the ocean at the mouth of river. Their access to go up river is currently blocked by a huge sand bar. Water authorities are releasing more water into the river in an attempt to remove the sand bar.


LUNDY LAKE: No report.

MAMMOTH LAKES AREA: Susie Greilich at Kittridge Sporting Goods Store in Mammoth (760-934-7566) gave this update:

George Lake: Power Bait or nightcrawlers.

Mamie Lake: 3-5 pounders on Power Worms or olive Woolly Bugger flies.

Mary Lake: 3-6 pounders on Power Worms. A 7.5 pounder caught from shore on a gold Super Duper lure.

Twin Lakes: Best with nightcrawlers, yellow Glitter Power Bait or silver Phoebe lures.

Mammoth Creek: Salmon eggs or worms.


NORTH POND: No report.


Benton Crossing (Upstream): Pheasant Tail Nymphs were working best.

Benton Crossing (Downstream): Same as upstream.


PYRAMID LAKE: The 2001-2002 Lahontan cutthroat trout fishing season will open on Oct. 1.

RED LAKE: No report.

SACRAMENTO RIVER: Kirk Portocarrero of Outdoor Adventures Sport Fishing in Redding, Calif. (800-670-4448) gave this report: "Anderson to Red Bluff: Same as last week: King salmon fishing is good. Averaging a fish per rod. Water flow is at 8,500 CFS. They are using T-50 Flatfish lures or bouncing roe. The average size is 12-30 pounds. Starting to see larger fish, with a few in the 40 pound class. May take a good rain to push more fish up the river."

SILVER LAKE: No report.

SHASTA LAKE: No report.

SOUTH-NORTH-INTAKE 2-BISHOP CREEK (WEST OF BISHOP): The Bishop Creek Lodge (760-873-4484) checked in with this report: The weather is beautiful up here, now. Daytime temps are in the 70's with nighttimes in the low 30's at South Lake. If you want to see Fall colors, be sure to come soon. We will be peaking in the next week or two.

South: The top trout of the week was a 4-pound, 4-ounce rainbow with Power Bait. The fishing has remained very good for smaller fish and the big guys are continuing to stay deep with a few coming out for fishermen that are going real deep, 125 feet. Most success for bigger fish has come by drifting deep with a nightcrawler by the rockslide or by using 10 colors of lead core line with a nightcrawler or a Needlefish lure. North: Had several nice fish come out. The Trout Trap Stingers were working well with salmon eggs or Power Bait.

Intake No. 2: Was like a zoo with anglers this weekend and most were catching a lot of fish.

Bishop Creek: The water level in low on the South Fork and high on the Middle Fork. The fishing is good on both sides with salmon eggs or Power Bait being the best. Fly fishermen have been doing well with Sierra Blue Dot or Caddis flies.

Backcountry: No report.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR: John O'Dell reported catching Kokanee salmon in the 17-17.5 inch class and they weighed 1.5-1.75 pounds.

LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters (800-877-1462) reported, "We have been catching about 10-12 Mackinaws per trip. Most of the Macks are in the 3-5 pound class, with the biggest checking in at about 7-8 pounds. I'm tagging and releasing the smaller ones. Still doing best in the first two hours of daylight, trolling 250-550 feet deep, right in front of the Carnelian Bay-King's Beach area. We are trolling silver flasher blades with live minnows or pearl colored Apex lures."

LAKE TAHOE - South Shore: No report.

LAKE TAHOE - East Shore: No report.

TOPAZ LAKE: Lake level is low. Fishing remains slow with not very many fishermen. Mostly speed boats, water skiers and jet skis. The season will close on Sept. 30.


Upper Twin: No report.

Lower Twin: Steve Marti of the Twin Lake Resort (760-932-7751) checked in with this report: Fall fishing has been great with recent stockings, in addition to regular plants. F&G stocked about 1,600 pounds of brooder stock, all weighing 2.5-5 pounds. Regular plants continue every week with about 900 pounds of stockers. A 3.75 pound rainbow with a Rapala lure and a 2.5 pound rainbow with a red/white Hot Shot lure.

Robinson Creek: Fishing has slowed with the slower water flows but is still OK.


WALKER LAKE: Bob Tompkins of the Gun and Tackle Store in Hawthorne (775-945-3266) reported, "Fishing is still good. Boaters are trolling at a depth of 25-35 feet from Sand Point to The Cliffs. The trout are average size, up to 3 pounds. Trolling with silver Flatfish lures, hammered brass/orange stripe TOR-P-DO or chartreuse/red dot TOR-P-DO lures. Quite a few fishermen in both in boats and off shore."


East Walker (Nev.): No report.

West Walker (Nev.): No report.

East Walker (Calif.): No report.

West Walker (Calif.): Very low and crystal clear. Difficult to fish.

Little Walker: Very low and crystal clear. Continues to produce limits of small brookies and rainbow trout on worms in the Willow Flat area.

WASHOE LAKE: No report.

WEBER RESERVOIR: Bob Tompkins of the Gun and Tackle Store in Hawthorne (775-945-3266) reported that Weber remains closed to fishing due to low water levels. All access roads are roped off.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR: Dennis Dunn of the Wildhorse Resort (775-758-6472) gave this report: "The weather is beautiful, just beautiful, up here. It gets real warm in the daytime and has been down to as low as 16 at night.

The trout fishing has slowed down a bit but they are still catching fish. A gal from California caught a 3.6 pound rainbow. She was trolling silver flasher blades with a "Max Sugar Bun" and a nightcrawler.

The perch fishing is darn good.

Ben Robinson of Winnemucca caught a 9.8 pound Channel Catfish on Sunday.

We've got about 40 antelope hanging around the north end of the reservoir. We have seen lots of twins and even some triplets with our local deer and antelope."




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